About JIMP Family

JIMP Family is born out of our love for family, details and for sense of unity.

With us families can match clothing patterns between parents and children ... brothers or cousins ... between all ... success guaranteed !

With both formal and relaxed options for all elements of the family, all our pieces have a common denominator and are designed for your comfort, being manufactured with the best raw materials and having the stamp of a 100% Portuguese product quality.


Spot das Artes:

R. Padre Américo, 15A, 1600-549
Telheiras, Lisboa


In Lisbon:

R. Correia Teles, 2A, 1350-135
Campo de Ourique, Lisboa

Miau Baby's:

Av. Visconde Tojal, 91

Maria Papoila:

Rua Batalhoz, 18D


Delivery time and shipping costs?

Portugal Mainland - 6 to 10 working days - 5€  
Madeira and Azores- 10 to 15 working days - 10€ 
Spain - 10 to 15 working days - 10€

Other geographies - 15 to 30 working days - from 10€, client is charged by the transportation company and the cost will not be included on the website's order invoice


What is your item's exchange / return / defect policy?

We accept exchanges / returns of articles, up to 15 days after receiving the order. The item should be delivered in its perfect condition, in the same way as it was sold and accompanied by the respective invoice and labels.
We do not make exchanges / returns of altered, washed, used, or otherwise damaged items for misuse of them.
In the event of a proven manufacturing defect, we undertake to exchange the item or return the money to customers.
We are not responsible for the misuse of your articles, nor for the incorrect washing of the same.


Returns of articles can be made either in our showroom (see working days and hours above) or through postal service. In this case, an e-mail should be sent to info@jimpfamily.com, with the subject 'Exchange JIMP' indicating the reason for exchange and order details so that we can proceed with the return process.


Which payment methods do you accept in your online store and showroom?

If you are shopping online you can pay by credit card or paypal. If you choose to buy in our showroom, you can pay with Debit and Credit card, MBway or in cash.


How can I take advantage of Family Packs offers?

To take advantage of our immediate discount offers, you must enter the respective promotional code in the order checkout process. JIMP Family does not assume any responsibility in case the client forgets to introduce the promo code. The coupons can only be redeem in JIMP Family's showroom.

Is there a way to track my online order?

All our orders are delivered through CTT services, within the deadlines mentioned above. In case you wish to track your order, please request it to our e-mail info@jimpfamily.com with the subject "Tracking", indicating the order info. We will then send you the CTT tracking link as soon as we can.

What is your size guide (approximate average height) for baby and children?
  • 3 months - 56cm
  • 6 months - 62cm
  • 9 months - 68cm
  • 12 months - 74cm
  • 18 months - 80cm
  • 2 years - 86cm
  • 4 years - 98cm
  • 6 years - 110cm
  • 8 years - 122cm
  • 10 years -  136cm
  • 10 years -  140cm


For more information see our Terms and Conditions




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